Monday, October 31, 2011

For this is Halloween, BOO!

Happy Halloween!  My favorite non-religious holiday is here!!  I love passing out candy to children.  I love the costumes.  I love making chili on Halloween in the crock pot.  I love pumpkins and pumpkin patches.  I love Halloween lights; mine are purple this year.  I love Harry Potter, in part, because they really know the meaning of Halloween in the book; how I would love to host a Halloween party that rivals Hogwarts!  Maybe someday.  My dad, a CPA named Bob, loves Halloween and passed his love of this wonderful holiday on to his children.  Thanks, Dad.

CAA grew up in a family of performers and has a Finnish mother.  She was horrified at the thought of American children going door to door begging for candy.  Did CAA's family go to strange doors and beg for candy by simply saying "Trick or Treat?"


They sang a song.  It goes like this.

Witches Flying Through the Sky
On their Broomsticks, way up high.
Ghosts and Goblins, everywhere
For this is Halloween

I love the song.

And today, every one of my children has sung the song to me without my asking them to.
  Even 15 year old, Charlie.
I am one happy Mom.  :)

Just for your enjoyment, some pics of my favorite Trick or Treaters.

The Holidays have begun!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nebraskans love Corn

We are learning lots living in Omaha, and something we noticed right away, is that Nebraska loves its corn.  Here are a few examples of what we mean.

George and Danny in the Corn Pit at Vala's Pumpkin Patch.

This is Husker Nation, baby.  These people live it, love it and preach it from the pulpit. 
Last Sunday, we heard how great the Cornhuskers are right in Sacrament Meeting.

We like corn, so I think we'll fit right in.  As long as KU Basketball is still allowed.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome to our little corner of the world....and that means Omaha.

Welcome, Internet and anyone else who may be reading my blog!  I've decided to give blogging a try.  My sister, Joy Bogart, is a famous blogger in our family and I have decided to copy her.  You see, we have recently moved to Omaha, NE from Kansas City, MO and we'd love to share our new adventures with our family and friends back home.  We plan on having lots of adventures, from big fun trips to simply painting a new room in our Omaha house.  And who are we?  We are the AMES family.  Harmony, Charlie, Abby, George, Danny, Wally the dog and CAA.  (CAA is more private than the rest of us and prefers to remain annonymous on this blog.  I will respect CAA's wishes to the best of my ability.  This is my disclaimer, CAA.)

Stay tuned world.  The Ames Omaha Adventures have just begun.