Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Omaha is still here....and we are still in it. :)

Hello my loyal seven followers!  I apologize for the lack of blog posts. 
We have been busy living life and not writing about it. 
(I realize that not writing will make my following go down and not up.  I'll do better.)

What have we been up to?  Well, we went back to KC twice since I last posted. 
Once for Easter.  Once for the Temple Dedication.

We stayed with Rodney and Kim over Easter.  They are fabulous hosts, I have to say!  Crepes for breakfast, private Open House Temple tours, girls day out shopping....need I say more?  :)

Thanks, Rod and Kim!  We loved staying over.

And it was a great trip!  We saw friends, celebrated Easter with the Ames and Miskimins families and toured the new KC temple. 

My George loved the temple; as we were leaving, he leaned over to me and whispered,
"Guess what, Mom?  Sometimes I feel pretty good.  But, right now, I feel better than I ever have."

I love that boy more than I ever knew possible.  How did I ever get so lucky as to raise George?

It was a great trip....but a part of me felt sad.  It was the first time in my life that I was in Kansas City and felt like a visitor.  I love KC.  I love the trees and the rolling hills.  I love the people and I love going to lunch with a friend.  I love knowing where the best bbq is (Jack Stack), where to get your nails done (Jennie Potter) and who to see when you feel sick (Dr. Eubanks-Meng).  I
 held it together until the very end, and then I got teary eyed. 

It's hard to leave your hometown.

But, as we drove back to Omaha, I tried really hard to count my blessings.  And count them I have.  Here are a few.

Our family is all together. 
We are financially responsible for one house, not two.
CAA loves his new job.
We love the Gretna Branch.
The flowers in our yard are starting to bloom, and we get to guess what color they will be.
The kids doing great in hard Nebraska schools.  There are no sissy's in Nebraska, let me tell you.
Nebraska promises great corn on the cob this summer.
My high school friend, Meagan, lives in Omaha and she and I had lunch together.
There is a spot on I-680, on your way to the Winter Quarters Temple, that looks just like KC.
Our family is all together.  That's a big one, so it gets mentioned twice.  :)

I felt better, and I have felt better since that Easter trip.

Last weekend, we went back to KC for the Kansas City Missouri Temple Dedication.  We stayed at Holly and Bryan's house (who are also great hosts!) and I got some Brielle time.  Nathan and Joy made us a fabulous Southern brunch.  We saw the Temple Celebration and went to dinner with Spencer and Amy.  We sat on a crowded bench with Nathan, Joy and Ricky during the Dedication.  We had lunch with the Meng's and Romines'.

And I loved it.  And I drove away from KC with a happy feeling in my heart, no tears this time.

I will always be a Kansas City girl.  But, right now, I'm learning that life is an adventure.

And sometimes those adventures take you to Omaha.

And that's a good thing.  :)