Friday, January 27, 2012

I love my boys

I heard this saying once.

It goes like this.  "There's a Special Place in Heaven for the Mother of Three Boys."

It made me smile when I heard it. 

And today I believe it.

This morning, during the rush of getting out the door, I was talking to my family.  And I didn't think they were listening.  So I looked at 15 year old Charlie and said, "I don't think anyone is listening to me."  He looked up and sincerely said, "What did you say, Mom?  I wasn't listening."

True Story.

Today I went to Beach Day in George's class.  He wore his swimsuit in the classroom.  It was adorable.  He talked to me in the classroom.  Then it was lunchtime, and I had lots to do, but I thought, "Harmony, these are the moments.  Don't wish them away.  Stay and eat lunch with George."

So I asked him, "George, would you like me to eat lunch with you?"  He sweetly looked up at me and said, "No thanks."  Then he walked away with his friends.

True Story.

Today after school, I tried to give Danny a hug and ask him about his day.  He looked at me and said, "Mom, you're embarrassing sometimes, do you know that?"

Three for three.

And on days like this, I just remember that there is a special place in heaven for me. 

I never thought I would have three boys.  I often say that God smiled when He sent me Mr. Danny.
And I think He knew exactly what He was doing.

Why?  Because I couldn't imagine my life any other way.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What makes me happy?

Merry Christmas!!  Happy New Year!!  Happy Valentine's Day!! 

Wait a minute....I'm not that far behind.  Just a little bit. :)

And that's a good thing.  It shows that we are busy making Omaha home.

And that makes me happy.

What have we been doing?

We had Christmas!  And not just any Christmas....Finnish Christmas on December 23rd with 15 people for our Salmon dinner.  The Christmas Play on December 24th with just our little family.  And Uncle Spencer, Aunt Amy, Alycia, Lillie, Davis and Cal on December 25th.  Then Grandpa Allen and Grandma Ulla on the 26th.  Then some KC friends, Ali and Tori came, too!  And Alycia and Lillie stayed and we learned that Mound City is the halfway point between KC and Omaha and that Mound City has a lovely McDonald's to meet at.

Do any of my KC friends like McDonald's?  I'll meet you there anytime.  :)

What's the moral of this story?  We had visitors for our first Nebraska Christmas!!!!

I cannot tell you how happy that makes me!!

I was worried that I might be sad not being in KC for Christmas.

But, I was okay.  We were okay. 

And that makes me happy and grateful.

What else is going on?

Charlie has joined the speech team.  Last week was only his second meet, and he made it to finals!  We always knew that speech was Charlie's strength.

Abby is playing basketball on the Gretna Branch YW team.  They call her Jellybean.  And she is her lucky number, 15.  The team's cheer is "Gretna's Got GAME!!"

George and Danny have found friends in Connor and Andrew.  They're brothers, too, and they love playing together.

I am really busy with Relief Society and I'm making friends here, too.

CAA and I eat lunch together every Wednesday.

We've planned three trips back to Kansas City in the next four months.

Life is good.  Life is getting back to normal.

And that really makes me happy.  :)