Wednesday, November 23, 2011

KC, here I come! Or, Happy Thanksgiving. Take your pick.

Today has been a busy day.  Because we are returning to Kansas City.

For Thanksgiving.  Don't worry, Omaha. 

We'll be back.

But, before we return, I had some things to do.

Like see this cute 4th grader in the vocabulary parade at school.

The cutest hippie I've ever seen.

I was told by many a mom how impressed their kids were with George's costume.  He made it by himself with construction paper.  Look closely.  You'll see that he has long paper hair in the back stapled to his hippie headband.  That's right.  My kid purposely gave himself a paper mullet.


So until we return, Happy Thanksgiving!  I've decided this year that I'm mostly grateful that I get to live with my husband and all four of my kids.  It's only 3 1/2 years until 15 year old Charlie graduates from high school, and I'm determined to enjoy this time.  If they live in Omaha, then so do I.

 They're worth it. 

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