Saturday, November 12, 2011

What does our new house look like?

I have been asked many times to PLEASE post some pictures of what our new home looks like.  I'm so sorry, Blog World, that I haven't done this.

Until now.

My Disclaimer about my new house.

The previous owners LOVED color.  I love color, but they LOVED it.  Some of the colors are really nice, like the buttercream hallway, the robin blue office, the soft gray of the master bedroom and the pumpkin spice kitchen; the pictures don't do those colors justice.

Other colors....well, life is to be learned from, right?

We are in no way done Ames-a-fying our new home. 
It's coming and we will post pics as we work on it.

I promise.

Now, on to our new home!!  Just think of this as your invitation to our housewarming party.  :)

And I didn't need to clean or serve refreshments.

This is our new home.  We think it looks like a Gingerbread House, and I can't wait to see it with Christmas lights!

We hear that Nebraska promises some snow with those lights.

The piano room.  The first thing you see on the right when you come in the front door.

The staircase when you first come in.
The office, which is on the left of the stairs. 
 If you look closely, you will see that I'm working on this blog.....

Living Room with a great action shot of my boys.

I LOVE my new kitchen!!! 
The green island though....I'm not sure about the color.  Some days I like

The Master....I have plans of black rod iron furniture and a black dresser. 
I just got my red curtains up....and I LOVE them.
This is one half of the Master Bath...I guess that would be my half. 
CAA's sink and the shower are on the other side. 

I apologize to your eyes for the mustard yellow bathroom.

Charlie's current room.  We are planning on finishing the basement ASAP with a bedroom and bathroom for Charlie downstairs and then this will be George's room.  Both boys think this is a great plan.  George says all that's missing from this room is the red for his KU inspired bedroom.

Danny's room.  He allows George to sleep there....for now.  :)

And this, is our Omaha home.

Thanks for stopping by!  I wish I had cookies to send home with you.  :)


  1. i can tell where you have ames-fided! i think it's looking great! now, about those cookies...

  2. I've enjoyed reading your blog so far and love your pic's . I love Abby's new room. Thanks for sharing, see you soon!

  3. Looks great!! What a beautiful home! Its always so much better once you make a place your own! And Abby's room is adorable! I loved seeing all the pics!

  4. Thanks, guys!! I really appreciate your kind words. :) We'll post more pics as we Ames-a-fy more and more. :)