Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Double Digits

Turning ten is a big deal.

And George turning ten just makes me smile.

Where has time gone?

George, age 4

Celebrating with George is just delightful.  He is truly my middle child, and like his birth order suggests, he's very easy going and is really happy with just about anything.

George after he opened one of his presents.  (We open presents in the morning.)
It was all seven Harry Potter books, to which he said,
 "All of these for me?  And they're even brand new!" 
My heart grew when he said that.

George, at lunch on his birthday.  I brought in Subway and a Sprite for lunch.  One of the boys at our table told me, "Hey, Mrs. Ames!  Did you know that George is the most popular quiet kid at school?"  I said, "Really!  Is that true, George?"
He said, "I guess."  :)

George blowing out the candles.

Ten is big stuff.  And George has a heart that's even bigger than ten.

How did I ever get to be so lucky?  :)

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  1. George is certainly a sweetheart. Happy Birthday buddy!